What Does Clevanalytics Provide for NFL Subscribers?

Clevanalytics NFL Season Long Package is essentially a one stop shop for all things NFL. The idea was born from the realization that a vast majority of NFL fans wager on sides/totals/props but also participate in ATS and Survivor contests/pools, DFS, fantasy football, etc. I wanted to provide as much data and insight for all things NFL where the subscriber could use the information and gain an edge in whatever capacity they deemed appropriate. Clevanalytics has never taken a dime from any sportsbook and has zero affiliate deals or conflict of interest. We are truly the most independent provider in the marketplace.  For full transparency, Clevta does provide a telegram channel detailing his personal wagers at the time he is making them. However, if you are looking to subscribe just for “picks” this is not the site for you and do not recommend subscribing to the premium content. The goal is to arm subscribers with as much data and information as possible to help improve and refine their process.

  • With over 20 years of proven, data-driven analysis, Clevanalytics provides deep insight into every single game for all 18 weeks of the regular season and the playoffs

  • Preseason long shot futures where Clevta has personal exposure. TA has historically hit on multiple longshots including Dak Prescott 250-1 OROY in 2016, Brian Daboll 20-1 COTY in 2022 and in his Preview Guide in 2023 suggested a Lamar Jackson MVP ticket at 14-1.

  • Clevanalytics posts detailed write-ups for each game including matchups, stats, key trends, injuries, etc. (See the homepage for an example of a weekly write-up)

  • Subscribers will get access to an ATS pick for every game of each week of the season for those participating in ATS pick contests. Static lines are used from the Circa Millions contest as a proxy for pools in order to make those selections. TA has correctly predicted nearly 53% ATS picking every single NFL game for pools the last two seasons for subscribers. This is on a large sample of over 500 games.

  • NEW in 2024! We have created a survivor optimizer tool to help you navigate your season long survivor pools. You can select teams that you have already used up and the optimizer will display highest expected win probabilities for each team each week going forward. In addition, weekly pick percentages are provided from national survivor pool sources to help make selections.

  • In addition, weekly DFS analysis will be provided including top sleepers and busts of the week.

  • Subscribers receive access to best-in-class search tools. This includes an extensive ATS and Over/Under database that goes back to 2000 and includes unprecedented historical EPA data in the search filers and output summary. In addition, subscribers get access to QB search tools back to 2010 and in season player stat search capabilities. For season long win team win totals, there is a database that provides historical win total queries.


  • Fully transparent and verified (Betstamp verified) results stemming from the type of analysis provided, spanning more than a decade. 55% ATS lifetime NFL win percentage in the Circa Millions and Westgate Supercontest (pick 5 ATS weekly contests) since his first entry in 2013. In the last 10 years, four separate contest results with a 60%+ win percentage and six of 10 contests with a finish in the 89th percentile or higher of all contestants.

  • 72% of subscribers polled on twitter, finished high enough in ATS pick pools to make a profit. In addition, 79% of subscribers made a profit in DFS due to analysis from the Clevanalytics write ups.


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Why Subscribe to Clevanalytics?

The support is very much appreciated. This premium site was created to offer as much of a one stop shop for football analytics as is available online. Very few people have the time and resources dedicated to breaking down the NFL every week. Just as I wouldn’t expect most people to successfully day trade in the stock market, while working full time in other careers, I would not expect the same people to have the knowledge and data to make +EV NFL ats, pool, survivor or DFS decisions.

Those who subscribe should expect thoughtful analysis every week. The process and the thoughtful reasoning should be the “Why” and most important aspect of the Clevanalytics write ups. 

However, if you are only subscribing for the “What” (picks) then this is not the site for you. This is NOT A “PICKS” SITE and TAs personal results are never guaranteed. A season long subscription should make you more informed and prepared than ever to make your own decisions.

We take this very seriously and the goal is to help subscribers become smarter about the NFL and helping to increase the probability of improving results in any activity tied to the NFL.

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