What is Clevanalytics?

Clevanalytics is a premium analysis site, focused mainly on the NFL. Clevanalytics takes a deep, analytical approach into each matchup during the season to help subscribers better attack the NFL. The goal is to provide a one stop shop for all things NFL where the subscriber could use the information and gain an edge in whatever capacity they deemed appropriate. It’s not always the “What” that matters but as important the “Why” that Clevanalytics provides. 

Clevanalytics is a true independent provider of NFL analysis. 

Clevta is a successful veteran of the financial industry and uses that background to help produce extensive and detailed diligence for NFL games. Supplying analysis, data, information to subscribers and potentially revealing any sort of “edge” is not a conflict. The team spends 50+ hours per week producing research and analysis to give you the best publicly available information out there.

Meet the Team




Clevta has been analyzing the NFL including matchups, stats and league-wide trends for over 20 years.  Using a background in Finance and marrying that with a deep knowledge of the NFL, he has strived to uncover value opportunities. He has been posting +EV NFL analysis online for over a decade and has been a regular contestant in the Westgate NFL Supercontest and Circa Millions contests. Since entering his first contest in 2013, he has generated a 55% win record on nearly 1,000 selections. In the last 10 years, he has produced four separate seasons finishing 60% or better ATS and placing 94th percentile or higher among thousands of contestants.

Clevta has not only posted NFL analysis for over a decade but also worked directly with an NFL team for two seasons, helping strategize weekly offensive gameplans using data and analysis. Clevta has been fully transparent with his process and  has appeared as a guest on numerous reputable NFL handicapping podcasts including the Hammer Network, Beating the Book, Fantasy Pros, Ed Fang’s The Football Analytics Show, The Deep Dive Podcast, Adam Chernoff’s Covers Daily and Props and Hops.

You can find Clevta on twitter @clevta

 Senior Research Analyst


Chase has been a senior analyst for Clevanalytics since June of 2022 and has been a jack of all trades. He not only brings high level NFL research capabilities but is a wizard when it comes to the graphics and visualizations on the website and in the NFL preview guides. His love for the NFL lives and dies with his favorite team, the Buffalo Bills.

You can find Chase on twitter @Luckym4n_

 Research Analyst


Matt joined the team in 2024 as a Research Analyst. He brings with him experience researching and analyzing NFL data and a strong interest in understanding the factors that drive team performance, game outcomes, and organizational success. Matt is a lifelong fan of the Green Bay Packers.

You can find Matt on twitter @picksixprick



Trey coded the new Shiny R search tools on the site and is instrumental in helping revamp the website. Trey is currently a senior at the University of South Carolina double majoring in Finance and Operations & Supply Chain, as well as minoring in Business Analytics. His passion for sports analytics started as a child when he first saw the movie “Money Ball”. He is a big fan of his hometown Cincinnati Bengals.

You can find Trey on twitter @Yengo_Calls