GM Draft Trends


Studying how a General Manager uses their resources can be very informative to how a front office operates and what traits they may covet. When creating a mock draft, wagering on draft props or just for deeper knowledge, being able to profile specific traits or characteristics that an NFL GM has leaned into in the past is very important. There are never any absolutes and the draft evaluation process is ever evolving, however, the data points below could help increase our ability to predict the upcoming draft.


NFL GM Draft Trends (Full Drafts) since 2019

AGE: Age as of Draft Day (excludes Special Teams picks)

RAS: Relative Athleticism Score ( *Excludes QBs

1st Round GM Draft Trends since 2019

1st and 2nd Round GM Draft Trends


  • Nick Caserio (HOU) has made 23 draft picks and all 23 (100%) are players from a Power 5 school
  • Among GMs with a minimum of 20 picks, Mickey Loomis (NO) & Chris Ballard (IND) have targeted the best athletes by RAS. Loomis has not drafted a non QB with a RAS below 7.9  since Tre’Quan Smith in 2018 (6.8)
  • Andrew Berry (CLE) has drafted the youngest players on average (21.0) and has drafted the highest rate of players under age 22 (61%). Berry’s splits on athleticism (RAS) is fascinating. Among four top two round picks, Berry has not drafted a player with an available RAS under 8.4. However, 7 of his 23 other selections with an available RAS from round 3 on, had a RAS under 5.0. The further down the draft, the less reliance on obvious athletes.
  • Ryan Poles (CHI) has drafted only one player with a RAS under 7.1 out of 18 players who generated a RAS score. Among five 1st and 2nd round picks, four were >9.0 and the lowest RAS was 8.8. However, he has only drafted three players under age 22. The five youngest players drafted in his two drafts all came in last year’s draft.
  • Jason Licht (TB) is the most likely to draft a non-Power 5 player inside the top two rounds as 3 of his 10 picks since 2019 have come outside the Power 5.
  • Brett Veach (KC) has been in charge of three drafts and made four 1st round picks, all late in the 1st round. All four picks were on players age 21.6 or younger. Considering the success of the Chiefs drafts of late, I wouldn’t expect too much of a deviation.
  • Brian Gutekunst (GB) has tilted toward very good athletes in round one as all six picks in round one have generated an 8.4 RAS or higher. Four straight and five of the last six #1 picks had a 9.3+ RAS.
  • 14 straight picks by Chris Grier (MIA) since 2021 have been made on players with a RAS of at least 7.0. Among 1st round picks with an available RAS, Grier has not drafted a player with a RAS <8.0.
  • All four of Jerry Jones (DAL)/Jones family first round picks since 2019 have been players under the age of 22 yo. Interestingly, after round one, the Cowboys have consistently drafted older players.
  • Joe Douglas (NYJ) has an interesting round one profile, as six of his first round picks have been young players (<22 yo) but two of his last three have been very old Edge Rushers in Jermaine Johnson and Will Mcdonald, both of who are older than 23 yo. Amongst the six first round picks with a recorded RAS score, all generated a 9.2 or higher RAS.
  • Generally speaking, John Schneider (SEA) has profiled as one of the more old school GMs currently in the NFL. He has been known to use 1st and 2nd round picks on non-premium positions (namely drafting three RBs in the 1st or 2nd round in the last 6 drafts). He also used a 1st round pick in 2020 on LB Jordyn Brooks who was vastly overdrafted, as he was expected to go about 20 picks later by consensus mocks. He also has drafted very old players (LJ Collier, Boye Mafe and Darrell Talyor) in the top two rounds who were all over the age of 23.
  • Terry Fontenot (ATL) loves taking younger, athletic players early in the draft. Among seven first and 2nd round picks, 7.8 is the lowest recorded RAS. His last seven 1st-3rd round picks (2022 and 2023) have all posted a RAS of at least 8.6. All three of his first round picks have also been some of the youngest in those drafts, all 21.3 yo or younger.
  • Omar Khan (PIT) has only conducted one draft (2023) but has shown his analytical chops. All seven of his draft picks last year were under the age of 23 and all of them recorded a RAS of at least 7.7. Five of the seven produced a RAS of 9.3+.